A Love That Is…

I want a love that is comfortable. We know what makes each other happy, how to make each other crack a genuine smile, and we strive to do that every single day. It just feels right, like nothing can go wrong.

But, I want a love that is challenging. We encourage each other to question life and to go out of our comfort zones while never going to bed mad at each other.  We discuss what’s wrong and find what makes us feel right.

I want a love that is effortless. We don’t feel obligated to love each other, and our love isn’t fleeting. It’s just there, all the time, unwavering, uncomplicated.

But, I want a love that is hard work. We turn to each other when we struggle, when we face setbacks, during times of hardship and sickness. And we work together to keep us on our feet, to keep us whole, to remind ourselves that regardless of what Life throws at us, we’re on each other’s team.

I want a love that is routine. We know our patterns, our little daily quirks, how we like our coffee, our favorite orders at restaurants, what meals we want when we’re sick, and our buttons we shouldn’t push but we do anyway for fun. We know just about everything there is to know about each other.

But, I want a love that is adventurous. We take random trips, experience the world, and enjoy the spontaneity that we can create. And, somehow, we learn something new about each other and our love along our journeys.

I want a love that is evident. We’re boisterous, and can talk for hours on a road trip despite already having consistent communication. When people see us, they see abounding passion, our appreciation for everything that we are and what we strive to be. They see our happiness.

But, I want a love that is subtle. Our hearts race from just a gentle touch, a whiff of his cologne/my perfume, or a shared gaze into each other’s eyes. Where we can sit in the car on a long road trip just listening to music we both enjoy, without discussion, because we don’t need to verbally express our love. We feel that happiness that others see.

I want a love that is serious. Where no one would dare intervene or try and come between our rock-solid foundation of understanding, communication, passion, desire, and honesty. Where our faithfulness and commitment to each other is impermeable.

But, I want a love that is goofy. That makes absolutely no sense to anyone else but us. Where we make fun of each other or reference crazy inside jokes that came about from the delirium of our innumerable nights of staying up late, sharing our dreams, fawning over each other.

I want a love that is romantic. Flowers, chocolates, rose petals, candlelight dinners, an expensive bottle of wine. Where we spoil each other, like we’re on our first date over, over, and over again. Where we caress each other during a slow dance and just exist in pure intimacy.

But, I want a love that is wild. Where we can’t keep ourselves away from each other, where we cause ourselves to be late to work because it was just that good of a morning. Where we can try new exciting things, and laugh at each other if we make a complete fool of ourselves in the process.

Ultimately, though, I want a love that is a friendship. A true unbreakable connection between two beautiful souls. The quintessential definition of “better halves.” Where we complement each other’s lives so seamlessly that envisioning a life without the other is unfathomable. Where we not only ramble about our goals, but we accomplish them together. Where we encourage each other to be the best we can be, individually and as a couple. A love that is so far greater than what we could ever imagine for ourselves, because at one point, we didn’t know that degree of love was possible between us.

And there is no “but” to that…



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