Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable.

Be honest and transparent anyway.

Mother Teresa

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So about this transparency thing…

I am a 25 year old girl trying to find my place in the world. I have created this blog to get my inner thoughts out there, shed some light on my struggles (past and current), and to hopefully figure this thing out we call “life.” I grew up in the conservative South right in the heart of the Bible Belt, but I certainly am not who I used to be (s/o growth). I SCUBA dive, play the flute, laugh way too much at corny jokes, and enjoy traveling (#wanderlust). A lot of this blog will be about my health journey, because I have been overweight all my life and I am kinda over my weight, ya know? I am currently studying abroad in medical school, so I am sure this will also be a reoccurring theme. I am sarcastic, I am honest, and I am inquisitive. I don’t plan to keep things simple or positive because my life certainly hasn’t been that way. Things will get real, they will be personal, and they won’t always be pretty.
To my friends and family who will probably learn a lot more than what they would have ever liked to:
feel free to discuss it with me.
That is part of this transparency deal, here.

Love, Rae

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Questions, Comments, Concerns, Criticisms?
Let’s discuss.